HUMANS in THE EU | citizens take over europe

Citizens Assembly Florence – 2021

Impressions from the Citizen Assembly of the Conference on the Future of Europe #CoFoE at the European University Institute in December 2021. We teamed up with Humans in the EU and Citizens Take Over Europe to collect impressions from young people who participated in the conference as randomly selected citizens, observers and activists. Despite their different backgrounds they agreed that the EU needs more participation.

The Citizen Assembly consisted of 200 randomly selected participants from all over Europe who worked out and voted on recommendations for the future of Europe.
Humans in the EU is a multimedia platform that tells human stories through a pro-European narrative. Citizens Take Over Europe is a group of civil society organizations, citizens and residents from across Europe, joined in a common effort to promote a forward-looking and citizens-centered European democracy.

‘This is a new form of democracy processes and I feel like I am really listened to even though I might not be an expert on some complicated subjects in the European Union.’ – Emma, France.

We have a lot to do in Europe. We need a lot of change. As young people, I believe it is really up to us. It is our future. We need to ask political institutions to change. We as young people can understand better than our parents what the European Union and being connected actually means. – Matteo, Italy.