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Untold stories. PLACES OF MEMORY

Humanity in Action is a transatlantic, non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental educational organisation working toward social justice as a community of emerging and established leaders.

Why are some history stories told, but not others? Learn about the anti-colonialism movement, racism, Antisemitism, resistance, the LGBTQIA+ community, family histories, the Holocaust and much more. This is a video series of stories uncovering lesser known narratives and places in the context of Nazi injustices.

Working closely with Senior Fellows of Humanity in Action we developed and produced a video campaign that reached more than 1 million people on social media. Below you can see one of the films and the Behind the Scenes, but all the documentaries can be watched here.

In his short documentary ‘Human Zoos – A Story of Survival’ Humanity in Action Fellow Fogha Mc Cornilius Refem chooses to explore ‘human zoos’ and the memory thereof in Berlin. Through his film he wants to challenge the way people see history by not focusing on one single individual as a represantation of ‘human zoos.’ In this Behind the Scenes interview he discusses his intention of making the audience feel uncomfortable with the purpose of using this discomfort as an invitation to grow. His film shows how People of Color who made up the ‘zoos’ were subjected to prying white European eyes, but also how they were the ones daring to look back. While ‘human zoos’ form a history of cultural, ethnic, and scientific racism, it also contributes to a history of resistance.